Music from Above I


15 magnificent songs that will help you feel the contact with your guides from above. Each title tells you what you can use that specific song for. F.i. if you want to hear an answer from your guides from above, you play track 2: Answers, close your eyes and await…




1. Questions 04:39
2. Answers 04:35
3. Close contact 07:32
4. Emotional lessons 04:45
5. Empathy 05:08
6. Forgiveness 01:07
7. Music From Above 06:55
8. Seven miracles 06:38
9. Trust in us 04:56
10. A new perspective 04:42
11. Voices 04:10
12. Destiny 04:36
13. Answers [impact] 04:33
14. Forgiveness [new ending] 01:22
15. Voices [with harp] 04:10

Via de volgende links kun je een kort fragment beluisteren:

8. Seven Miracles

One sunny afternoon in 2015 I was home alone.
I sat down behind my keyboard to create music, especially to make people feel their old and not yet processed sadness.
We want them to feel it and then get rid of it. But once I started to compose, I realised that everybody feels sadness in a different way.
And then I lost the trust in my capability to create it. The moment I felt the urge to stop composing, I went into a trance, but my fingers started to play…

…After a while I woke up and noticed that new music had been recorded. I was quite surprised and started to listen to it.
That is how I started to make this album, with the help of my guides from above. I hope you enjoy listening to the sounds and music from above,
and I promise you it will make you feel your spirituality much more, than before. It will help you feel your emotions with much more ease.